Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Affordable, But Not Cheap.

This rider-specific wheelset from Luxe Wheelworks costs $670.
Said wheelset features Velocity A23 Rims, White Industries H3 Hubs and Wheelsmith DB14 Spokes.

The front wheel has 24 spokes and is laced 2X.

The rear wheel has 28 spokes and is laced 2X on both the drive and non-drive side. The extra wide rims allow me to use a lower spoke count even on wheelsets intended for riders on the high side of the weight scale.

Velocity rims are made in Australia which I happen to think is pretty neat. "Velocity" - Australian for rims.

I've been saying for a long time now that the White Industries H3 are the most underrated hubset on the market. Their product is always precision and well finished, also, everything is made in the USA.

The knurls prevent the wheel from any unwanted slipping while seated in your frame's dropouts.

A nice shot of Velocity's machined sidewalls.

In addition to being tough as nails, the H3s have a remarkably unique shell design.

I just love the arch of their hub bodies. Pure Class.

A Luxe Wheelworks Production-

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