Saturday, February 5, 2011

Luxe Wheelworks Prepares for The Way Of The Future.

A very modest queue poises itself for action.

Four Gaulzetti Cicli Framesets and six "Customer Specific" (that's a trademark Luxe Wheelworks phrase by the way) wheelsets are lined up, ready for next week's assembly slots.

Many thanks go to Mike Zanconato, the sky, and the country of Belgium for providing us with this stunning shade of blue.

Details matter and one of the ways in which Luxe Wheelworks is improving itself is by keeping better track of it's small parts inventory.

We are dialed in for this round of Corsa units. Bring it!

Also new is a queue tracking system for all Customer Specific wheelbuilds performed by Luxe Wheelworks. This system will reduce turnover times and set us up with a means to control hundreds of orders simultaneously in the future. A wise man once told me "You've gotta start somewhere.".  This is Luxe Wheelworks getting started.

This shot is for my pal Jonny. Win a race for Luxe in 2011 kiddo!

A Luxe Wheelworks Production-

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