Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Serenity Now!

Dear Richard, What shade of green is this? What is the seat tube angle? Can you please tell me what song you were listening to when you built this unit? Why is your dog's name Buddy?
ENVE 2.45/Chris King R45s/Sapim CX-Rays/Vittoria EVO CX 25mm Tubulars.
We prefer to Tufo Tape tires on as it really is the way of the future but should you insist on glue....
.... Luxe Wheelworks will accomodate.
Note the precision machined cassette body and the slotted non-drive side flange on the Chris King R45 hubset.
In current fashion (but mainly just because) we ("we" meaning I) lace the front wheel 2X.
ENVE 45/65 Clincher Split/Alchemy ELF-ORC Hubset/Sapim CX-Ray Spokes.
Nothing says "PRO" like hologram decals with logos and codes and stuff on them yo.
NOS rim strips from ENVE at no upcharge.
Sharp looking,...
... super fast, and stable in high crosswinds. If you live in the plains or ride the canyons, call up Luxe Wheelworks order some splits.
Alchemy continues to refine its anodizing process.
The new blacks are blacker, the new silvers; shinier.
I took a breather and built this front DT Swiss wheel as a repair for a customer. Luxe Wheelworks does do contract builds and repair work FYI. If you are in need just drop us a line!
As this tall order sat in the queue, I got a surprise visit from Aaron Bagshaw, President of the Bagshaw Corporation.
Aaron was admiring my new Foresta and noted the adjustable stainless steel cable stops.
He took one. Went downstairs, and made me 500 identical units by lunch.
Anyone want some stainless steel adjustable cable stops?
Sealant. Combine this whiz-kid product with Tufo Tape and you have two very compelling reasons to never ride clinchers again.
Which leads me to my next wheelset. ENVE 1.65s/Alchemy ELF-ORCs/Sapim CX-Rays/Continental Competition 22s (with sealant installed).
Silver hubs meet Black spokes. Pretty sweet.
For your pleasure.
My most favourite tire ever!
The Continental Competition 22.
Serenity now!
More of this soon....
A Luxe Wheelworks Production-

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