Monday, April 25, 2011

The iLuxe Wheelset - Alloy Racers - The New Nemesis?

The iLuxe Wheelset line is comprised exclusively of carbon fiber clincher and tubular rims. Every iLuxe is custom, built to suit by Justin Spinelli.

Available depths include 38mm, 50mm, 60mm and 88mm respectively with unidirectional, 2k, and 3k cosmetic weave patterns.

Hubsets come in either while or black...

... and for Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM.

Carbon specific brake pads are included with each iLuxe wheelset.

iLuxe weights range from 1100g to 1400g depending on rim type and spoke count.

Cost on the iLuxe is currently 1299 USD plus delivery. Contact me to order.
This Chris King Mountain ISO Hubset will grace the race machine of the current leader of the Root 66 Pro XC Race Series ie: Me!

This Velocity Escape wheelset is for a racer in Australia.

He requested a light, stiff, affordable wheelset for racing and training over hilly terrain.

I built accordingly with Sapim CX-Ray, a 24/28 spoke count and selected the Alchemy hubs providing the optimal starting point for a stiff, alloy wheelset.

I fitted alloy nipples throughout.

The Escape rim from Velocity is made in Australia and weighs only 360g each.

One of the many small steps I take when building an alloy tubular wheelset is to countersink the valve hole. As such the valve base sits flush against the rim bed. 

Poised for assembly... a TIME NXR Instinct.

Last but not least. I consider the 2011 tubular version of HED's C2 rim to be the new leader in class when it comes to Pave style tubular rims.

This wheelset in particular will be making its way onto a Vanilla Speedvagen.

Featured are the ELF/ORC hubset from Alchemy Bicycle Works.

Modern materials take the heavy out of "bomber". Embrace 2011 and the new style. 

Whatever type of wheelset you need, Luxe Wheelworks will deliver.

 A Luxe Wheelworks Production -

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