Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time Flashback 007 - by Luxe Wheelworks

Enjoy this series of blog posts imported from my old Svelte Cycles blog. I now do business under the Luxe Wheelworks moniker offering custom, handbuilt wheelsets and complete bicycles. 

Luxe Wheelworks is a proud dealer of TIME bicycles, and should you be in the market, please contact me at "" or call (+1) 603 943-4202. 

Thank You,
Justin Spinelli 

-------- from March 2010

Yes ladies and gentlemen SM really is that tall.

I set the saddle to the right height "custom" just for him. Amazing how this stock machine from Time fits him perfectly! How do they do that?!

The pretty PMP post is just for the pix... Time requires using their proprietary fixture or else the warranty is null and void. Take note!

Hand made lugs with a classic look and proven design.

Those stays were tried and tested in countless European Classics, Grand Tours and World Championship. Only the out of this planet powerful Tom Boonen could get them to budge an ounce (gram?).

Time addressed that issue for Tom and he went on to win the World Championships.

The Time Ulteam World Star is one of the few remaining non-BB30 framesets from Time. Once these are gone, they are gone.

Times patented RTM process allows them to fabricate each individual tube to their own specifications.

Svelte Signature Dura Ace Finish Kit with a Power Tap Pro+ for good measure.

Yell down that seat tube and you get an echo.

Times own Ulteam Safe+ Fork is also made by hand in France and is known to be of the nicest riding carbon units produced to date.

Quality, Pedigree, Class, Precision. Time stands alone as the finest major production company of carbon fiber performance machines.


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