Monday, June 6, 2011

1 Pine St. EXT 03060 -

Revolution spokes for the extra-light. These spokes will be part of my new race wheels.

Inspiration from Gerd Schraner and Silvia Furst.

Spokes in queue. I went with a Revolution/Competition blend. Alloy nipples throughout.

Race stock rules.

Hubs from Chris King.... of course.

It's simple, but not easy.

My XC race machine. The Chris King wheelset featured above will be fitted upon its completion.

Next week's queue. Inside each wheel bag are the raw materials for custom builds.


+ H. Luxe ships worldwide.

iLuxe ready for their close up.
The address is in this post's title. Come see the Luxe factory for yourself.
I've performed wheel contract work for Richard Sachs, Independent Fabrication, Carl Strong, Craig Gaulzetti and now Firefly Bicycles.

Symbiotically, this DARKSTAR frameset was fabricated by Firefly Bicycles.

I swap out the ENVE provided nipples for my hexagonal nipple of choice; Sapim Nylock. What you see here are the ENVE provided stock not used.

These drawers organize spokes reserved for select builds.

Three brands. One table.

Work. My 10,000 hours approach...


These iLuxe skewers are rawsome.

iLuxe from afar.

Here you have it. 50mm Carbon iLuxe for Shimano/SRAM.

I laced the front hub 1X heads out for full TRON effect.

Rear is standard 2X.

Sub 1300g. Strong. Fast. Precision. iLuxe. iLuxe will soon feature Chris King R45 hubsets for both Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo drivetrains.

For Firefly Bicycles of Boston, MA.

HED C2 / Wheelsmith DB14 / Shimano Dura Ace.

28H 3X Front.
28H 3X Rear.

Strong as hell. Light enough. Pretty.
Last but certainly not least.
ENVE 45C / Sapim CX-Ray / Chris King R45's.
2X 20H front.
2X 24H rear.
Light, aero, sexy. From Luxe Wheelworks.

 A Luxe Wheelworks Production -

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