Monday, October 25, 2010

The Overhaul Trilogy by Justin. P-001.

An advantage to living in Metro-Boston is that you can bring your bike to me for service. I accept Visa, AmEx and Beer.

This nasty drivetrain is not only dark and dirty, but it's function is sticky and skippy.

Pedros PRO Citrus degreaser is applied to the unit in its dry state...

...with a paint brush.

Did i miss a spot?

I let the machine dry then added yet another coat of PEDROS orange PRO citrus degreaser stuff to the Dura Ace chain. Why did I originally spec a Dura-Ace chain to this SRAM Force laden unit you ask? Because I rule that's why.


A little walk down the street to pick up some necessities.

Napa Auto. You are generic, you are retail, yet I love you.

"That will be $46.0023."

 "But here is a killer blue and magenta baseball hat!"

Inspiration for a new paint colour.

We are now ready to strip.

For jobs like these, gloves.

The last bits of road grime will be scoured off with Simple Green.

I un-torque all major operating bolts before I snip the cables.


Tea time. This mug was made by hand in Portland, OR by John Miller.
Another Justin Spinelli-ATMO victory tribute by John Miller, Artist extraordinaire. 

Time to disengage the last bits of consumables.  Ciao cables and housing.

You know what I hate? Adhesive residue. Fcuk that shit imho.

As I like my customers to stay alive, I will replace brake pads as a courtesy. Hey, that's why I make the big bucks.

Look Ma! No hands!

These white tires are so 2009 (and worn). When riding in Boston you want a nice durable Lucas Brunelle approved tire; ergo: Vittoria EVO CX with latex tubes fitted for good measure.

Cleaned, fully stripped and wanting. See you tomorrow Ace.  

Justin Spinelli
Owner/Operator/Awesome'r of
Luxe Wheelworks

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