Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Overhaul Trilogy by Justin. P-002.

Before I get knee deep into phase 2, check out my new hologram decals. These will be used to augment awesomeness levels on my hand-built wheels in addition to tracking each wheel's specifications and maintenance needs.

Where did my inspiration originate? My most recent visits to the ER of course (I try to go at least once a year).  Also, Oury Grips!

I'm breaking out the big tools for the BB30 maintenance. This ratchet was purchased back in 2004 out of the Snap-On truck which frequented IBC in Allston, MA weekly. Those were good times.

Once the assembly is removed, it's time to clean.

And clean.

And clean. But this time with gloves, so that's something new from my previous two quotes.



And lubed.  PS: did you see my awesome shoes in the previous picture? Yeah... Supra brand shoes rule.

Re-fitted and torqued to spec (apx 50 N*m). It's very important to keep tabs on your SRAM cranks. They like to liberate themselves on occasion.

Black is the new white. ie: time for some new tires and tubes Mr. Corsa Owner!

In addition to liking pictures of models on, in or next to classic cars, I also like to baby powder tubes pre-installation. Details matter!

The directions are right on the bag. God bless America and free commerce.

Time for a drink. This work is making me thirsty.

Shift housing is cut to length. Note the moderation of alcohol. This is a very important step during phase 002.

I open the housing ends with this bent, sharpened spoke I've been carrying around since 2003. True story.

In addition to listening to the Sex Pistols, I also drop some common oil into the housing end. Don't use grease!

4mm housing ends are fitted and snugged.

Everyone has a random stuff drawer. This is mine. So what's your story?

These brake pads are officially certified by Luxe Wheelworks.

Stay tuned for the exciting finale to this 003 part series.

ps: i own it. outright.
pss: (+1) 603 943-4202
call me.

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