Thursday, November 4, 2010

Custom Wheelset for JM. Mavic Reflex CD/Dura Ace.

JM came to me looking for a versatile, lightweight wheelset that would not slow him down on training rides over the rolling hills of Maryland nor on the cyclocross race course come fall/winter.
When building aluminum rimmed wheels, I prefer even spoke counts for front and rear. Why? It just looks right. In this case 32 holes. Equal lateral stiffness between the front and rear wheel is achieved by proper spoke selection for each individual client/athlete.

JM is a light guy so I had no qualms with selecting 32 hole Reflex CD rims. The Reflex are feathery at only 375g per rim. The CD or "Couche Dure" treatment prevents corrosion most importantly at the eyelets, also it slows down braking wear. On the front wheel, I used Wheelsmith 12mm alloy nipples and DT Swiss Revolution spokes.

Shimano Dura Ace hubs utilize loose angular contact bearings giving their hubs amazing smoothness, longevity and serviceability. The rear wheel I laced with DT Swiss Competition on the drive side and DT Swiss Revolution on the non-drive side.

The Mavic Reflex CD rim utilizes double eyelets and offers a very nice, milled braking surface which improves braking friction and also reduces shuddering.

The FH-7900 free-hub body is fabricated from titanium. Shimano and White Industries are two brands who seem to be adamant about reducing cassette body mauling.

Shimano hubs shells are fabricated from cold-forged aluminum and are anodized (yes, anodized) to a mirror finish. Sexy and strong.

The optimal lacing pattern for a 32 hole wheel is 3 cross. To rule of thumb for how many cross to select is to take the hole count number and divide by nine. As these wheels will be used in competition, I selected aluminum nipples throughout. Why? As such you won't tear the rim eyelet out should you put your wheel into someone else's bike. Better to shear a nipple than the rim!

Shimano Dura Ace hubs use both labyrinth and contact seals.  These will surely keep at bay the grit and grime found on North East roads.

I summarize each coded wheel's specifications to a small, laminated card included with each new wheelset order.

Building to specification rules. 

 PS: I forgot to mention; Dura Ace hubs come included with perhaps the nicest quick release skewers know to man. Total bonus.

PSS: For your next set of custom wheels; call me.

PSSS: this wheelset costs $850 with shipping included. No hidden fees. Those are so annoying....

Justin Spinelli
Owner/Operator of Luxe Wheelworks
(+1) 603 943-4202

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