Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Operation Lamination -and- Coding.

With some very high-tech materials sourced from France I begin phase one of Operation Lamination. 

I get my shit imported yo.

I brace my spec sheet for trimming.

This is me making fantastic use of my years of intense industrial design schooling.


I insert the spec list into the plastic sleeve while le laminateur warms up.

Congratulations! It's a spec sheet!

Set aside for cooling. Why the Laudree box you ask? Don't worry about it.

Now onto the Coding.

The hologram decal set is primed and ready for action. These fcuking stickers cost me a lot but look at how shiny they are. Totally worth it!

I dab a clean shop rag into the acetone container...

...and clean the decal application zone.

Each wheel gets its own serial code and "luxe wheelworks" decal. As such I can track each individual wheel when it's time for maintenance or repair. FYI, with every new set of wheels I charge nothing for maintenance/repair labor. And. cost plus 10%-pricing on replacement rims, spokes, and nipples. You pay only for shipping to and from.

I apply the coded decal. Do not attempt to remove. If you do, the backing will stick and effectively void the serial number. Each serial number is entered into my database here at Luxe Wheelworks World Headquarters.


Take a look. This is what your future looks like.

Ready for shipping.

Up next: Another set of Reflex CD tubulars but this time with Dura Ace hubs. Stay tuned for the case study.

Enjoy your wheels Brian....

... and Thank You for choosing Luxe Wheelworks. '

Justin Spinelli
Owner/Operator of Luxe Wheelworks
(+1) 603 943-4202

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