Thursday, January 20, 2011

Luxe Wheelworks is Your Destiny.

Some for show bikes, some for sold bikes. (click for Hig-Res!)

I am moving into the tubeless sector both business wise and competition wise.

God Bless America and God Bless Portland, OR.

In a constant effort to refine my trade I now smoothen the inner nipple bed for optimal nipple glide.


Putting fun between my legs. Seriously though, how amazing are these decals!? My man Jeff Koons would agree.

My most recent build is a set of Chris King Classic in tandem with a pair of Velicity A23s.

These wheels will grace a Gauzetti Cicle Corsa (the best bike in the world iMO).

Chris King fabricate their bearing in-house along with everything else.

Take a look at that cassette body, then take a look at your current cassette body. Notice the difference? Chris King = Precision.

Bontrager XXX Steel Interal Cam Skewers as used by Lance Armstrong and Justin Spinelli.

This is what said wheels look like in real time sans edits....

... and now in my time.

Don't let the  aluminum hub shell intimidate you. It's for Shimano only.

I laced both wheels 3X and and used DB14 spokes and DT Swiss brass nipples exclusively. Hey, my pal CS lays down the mad watts. Why mess about?

Also, I fitted each wheel with Ritchey Nylon rim strips

Your Wheelbuilder,
Justin Spinelli
(+1) 603 943-4202

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