Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Storage Issues, Staggered Wheels and American Framebuilders.

These forks are set aside for the next round of Gaulzetti Cicli frames. The note card on each unit lists colour details. This will be the final round of Gaulzetti fitted with Serotta and Alpaha Q forks.
Also making their way out of inventory are "EDGE" labeled rims. Only a handful remain....
Set aside in this corner are a two wheelsets intended for display bikes at NAHBS. Look for at least one of these sets on a Zanconato machine at the show in Austin, TX come February.
This lonely wheelset hiding in the shadows is waiting for a mere 8 spokes to arrive so I can finish it. The holidays can slow things down shipping wise considerably and this wheelset has been a victim of that. Sorry!
One Corsa, two wheelsets. These DT190/ENVE and Record/Nememsis wheelsets paired with a Campagnolo Super Record gruppo will grace a Gauzetti Corsa very soon. I will of course provide high-res documentation. Can't wait!
Up next however for the Gaulzetti (that's plural for Gaulzetti) is a Carbonio featuring SRAM Red componentry and a Chris King/HED wheelset built by Luxe Wheelworks.

I am a big fan of staggered wheels as they allow you to remain aero and in control of your machine even in high crosswind conditions; yaw-angles pending that is.
From afar the two wheels look different yet the same and when fitted provide the machine with a hot rod like, aggressive stance.
Wheel J056025 is assembled with an Alchemy ELF front hub, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, EDGE 1.45 rim, Pillar Hidden Nipples with Nylock inserts and weighs 475 grams.

Wheel J056026 is assembled with an Alchemy ORC rear hub for Shimano/SRAM, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, EDGE 2.65 rim, Pillar Hidden Nipples with Nylock inserts and weighs 750 grams.

In true Luxe Wheelworks fashion I laced the front wheel 2X instead of radially.

2X in the rear as well on both drive side and non-drive side. Note the serrated axle end on the ORC's drive side. This prevents the wheel from slipping in the dropout under extreme torsional forces.

My favourite tubular tire is the Continental Competition 22. They mount perfectly straight every time, are highly resistant to punctures and premature wear, roll super fast, and their highly advanced rubber compound allows you to rip around corners with confidence.

Along with this wheelset were ordered a strong supply of extras ensuring there would be no unpreparedness should an incident occur. My stock in brake pads, tires and gluing tape runs deep so be sure ask for these items when you place your next wheel order.

PS: In case you missed it, check out Carl Strong's Blog featuring a Ti 29er and a set of Luxe Wheelworks wheels. Looking forward to the complete build Carl!

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