Thursday, February 17, 2011

Use Your Illusion.

Like what you see? Send me your sizes and your CC info and you will be taken care of in time for Spring. PS: click the image for a closer view. PSS: to order email "".  PSSS: Chris Milliman is our one and only sponsor. Ever!

Our inspiration came from the Wheelsmith decals of yore. Remember those? You saw that decal and you thought to yourself "Holy shit self, that is a wheelset I can trust." This is history repeating itself.

Silver hubs.

Black spokes.

The finest carbon fiber rims produced in the world.

It all adds up to 1094 grams of superiority.

Designed from experience. Made by hand.

Luxe Wheelwork's official desk. Made in Boston, MA.

Our new view. Slightly phallic, partly nostalgic, mostly brick.

Luxe's next phase commences soon. Stay Tuned. 

A Luxe Wheelworks Production-

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