Sunday, March 6, 2011

Queued. Wired. Hooked Up.

Luxe Wheelworks now has 7,800 sq/ft more than it is accustomed to. The world is expanding and we are right there with it.
Lots of wheelsets to fabricate post NAHBS. Three ENVE wheelsets go out the door tomorrow and should more hubsets arrive post haste, that number will be doubled in five more days.

All I need is this lamp... and this couch...

My pal Mo is taking care of the electricity and cable. We are fully operational as I type this.

Next up is some dry wall, shelving and additional lighting. Spaces like this are never "complete" iMO. We still want that half pipe though!

NAHBS 2011. Thank goodness that is over with! I took home some very nice goods though.  A gift for my best pal Alie via Signal Cycles,  a gift for myself via Shamrock Cycles, and a gift for both the supplier and the receiver via Foresta Frames

A Luxe Wheelworks Production-

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