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Time RX - Dura Ace Complete Machine Redux. Worth Reading.

What follows is a melieu of technical verbiage and personal observations taken from both the Time website and yours truly. This machine is my personal ride from Time and to say I'm impressed would be an understatement. Certainly once I swap the bars and crankset to shapes and lengths of my choosing, this will be a machine I won't want part with. Enjoy.
The SAFE+2 fork has a multidiameter carbon steerer (TIME patent) which transitions from 28.6mm in the stem clamping area to 33mm in the zone above the fork crown where the highest forces are concentrated.
• The optimal shape allows the use of less material, for a weight reduction of approx. 55 grams.
• Frontal and lateral rigidity is increased by 15%.
• Resistance to compression is improved by 30%.
• The connection between the steerer and the fork crown is completely safe. Increased durability (500,000+ cycles according to the ISO 4210 standard).
• In conformity with the new European standard EN 14781. 

The QUICKSET concept consists of separating headset adjustment from stem adjustment (TIME patent).
  • Adjustment of stem position can be made without adjusting the headset.
  • Adjustment of the headset can be made without re-aligning and re-tightening the stem. Eliminating the traditional expander system reduces weight approx. 30 grams. 

TIME is to bicycles what Hermes is to couture. The RXRS, NXR and RX are made entirely in France, by hand. 

Resin Transfer Molding - The technology that makes TIME products carbon unique. RTM offers the following benefits:
• Total freedom of molded forms;
• Perfect impregnation and cohesion of fibers;
• Customizing a mechanical area of constraint;
• Control of geometry and thickness of the piece;
• Reproducibility of mechanical parts in series.

Time designs and manufactures all it's frames fixtures. This seat post collar is a masterpiece in and of itself.

Should you prefer a standard 53/39 chainring configuration, I can mount an FSA SL-K Standard at no additional cost to you. 

The super light and stiff SL-K crankset from FSA.

The RX's dropouts are constructed from an extremely strong and light alloy and the derailleur hanger is replaceable.

Impeccably clean cable guides, perfectly positioned. Precision.

RTM technology allows for amazingly tubing shapes, highly resistant to torsional drivetrain stresses. 

The integration of the BB30 bottom bracket shell arguably renders the overall machine lighter and stiffer. The clean lines are a bonus.

The revered Prologo Nago EVO saddle comes standard.

This blue paint has a pearl tint to it and glistens in direct sunlight.

Included with every Time Module is a Time H20 cage. In addition to matching the frame nicely, these cages are extremely light and hold bottles rock-solid.

If you *click* on these logo images you will notice the little "TIME" logos trailing off the large TIME logos. "Racey" but not over the top.

High performance carbon fibers. *Time weaves all it's carbon tubes in-house. Beat that!

TIME understands there is no such thing as a minor detail. Look at how they include those little rubber housing grommets to protect the frame. Look at those precision barrel adjusters. TIME "get's it". 

Shimano Dura Ace 7900 is the gold standard in cable actuated gruppos in my opinion. Mechanically speaking it does not get much better.

Bars are a personal choice. Should you want a different bar than the FSA Wing Pro, Luxe Wheelworks can oblige.

HM (High Modulus) one-piece carbon structure has been optimized through computer modeling. It improves rigidity and aerodynamics. 

The chainstays of a frame have a major influence on its dynamic properties. Computer studies show that a frame works asymmetrically as the power of the rider is transmitted through the chain to the rear wheel: compression on the right chainstay, while the left chainstay simply flexes. TIME modules are designed with asymmetrical chainstays, with different types and quantities of fibers for the right and left chainstays.
The increase in cross section of the Ulteam chainstays provides better response with greater rigidity, as well as a weight reduction of approx. 15 grams. 
For a limited time only Luxe Wheelworks can offer you the Time RX Dura Ace with Fulcrum R5 wheels for $5,000 plus delivery. Please contact me to order.

Thank You,
Justin Spinelli
(+1) 603 943-4202

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