Monday, September 12, 2011

"The best things in life are free...

... The second best are expensive" - Coco Chanel

DARKSTAR in Titanium by Luxe Wheelworks -

This past week also saw me build a much anticipated run of Ambrosio Nemesis and HED C2 Wheelsets. Luxe does all schools; Old and New.

Newer than New School are the ENVE 6.7 Smart Wheelsets I've had the pleasure of crafting. This pair went out to a time trialist who wanted one wheelset for all course profile and wind conditions.

My mornings are dedicated to "product testing" and the weekends see me compete on all the stuff I sell. How many former Pro-Tour Cyclists can you purchase a wheelset or bicycle from directly?

... And if 4k is your idea of a "cheap" bicycle; chapeau. Look for a fully loaded, stock sized, designed to go fast, Carbon DARKSTAR, road machine in the near future. Maybe.

Thank You -

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