Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DARKSTAR - Geek Speak

Integrated Seat Post
Full Length, Tapered, Carbon Fiber Fork
BB30 Bottom Bracket
Carbon Fiber Dropouts with replaceable derailleur hanger
Slender Seat Stays
Oversize, Shaped Down Tube
Integrated, Tapered 1-1/8 to 1-1/2 Head Tube
Internal Rear Brake Cable Routing
DARKSTAR - Fabricated from T700 Carbon Fiber with Nanotechnology - Stock sizes include XS, S, M, L, XL - 2 Year Factory Warranty - Crash Replacement Program
"ISP's" or Integrated Seat Posts give the rider a more connected feel to the machine during hard, seated climbing and cornering.
The use of a full length carbon fork keeps the weight of the frameset to a minimum.
The oversize down tube increases progressively in diameter from the head tube to the bottom bracket. This plays an important role in the DARKSTAR's impressive stiffness, consistency, and reliable tracking of the wheels during aggressive and forceful pedaling.
Also playing an important role in the consistent tracking of the machine are the oversize, rectangular, tapered chainstays.
In length, the chainstays measure 406mm and allow the use of tires up to 27mm in width.
The DARKSTAR's appearance is kept clean with a full length sleeve inside the top tube allowing the rear brake cable to be routed internally with ease.
The top tube is smartly shaped asymmetrically to provide exceptional stiffness torsionally.

This is an important factor during sprints and attacks when the riders weight is forcefully delegated to the front end. The machine will track and hold its line during the most demanding and tense situations.

Conversely, the seat stays are very slender and elegant providing the cyclist with a sense of comfort over the roughest of roads.
The 1-1/8 to 1/12 tapered head tube significantly improves the tracking of the front wheel during hard cornering. This plays a significant role in the machine holding its line down fast, technical descents or during the type of hard and forceful cornering one would perform while racing a criterium.
As I noted before, there exists a full length cable sleeve inside the top tube.
This is nice as the brake cable glides in and out with ease from the front end to the rear without having to use a heavy, full length of brake cable housing.
There must be a way for me to offer technologically advanced road machines that ride right, fit right, have a cult of personality and don't involve a painfully long wait, or dodgy ordering process. Perhaps I will find a solution in the near future revolving around this iteration of the DARKSTAR?

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