Monday, October 31, 2011

Putting Shame In Your Game -

Surgery -

Coded  for your protection -

The Ksyrium Killers - Lighter, Stiffer, Cooler, all with spokes and you can source at any local bike shop.

1350g for the pair, handbuilt to suit.

Contact me at Factory Luxe. It's all about you and your wheels.

As this picture clearly shows, I've increased my labeling to 6 Luxe decals per wheel.

The R45 for Campagnolo is incoming. Contact me; get some.

Chris King also codes.

OFFICIAL - HED C2 Luxe Style.

Nothing says class like a cross-pattern front wheel.
Now for some old/new-school. Nemesis, ELF/ORCs to compensate, Silver all around.

A few hours later...
This Nemesis build came out to 1470g.

Hell Yes -

W-I-D-E flange spacing to compensate for the old-school Nemesis design.

Luxe Wheelworks and Gaulzetti Cicli share many things in common; Bred from Euro-Racing, Allston, bad haircuts, and hardcore, no-bullshit philosophies... Craig Gaulzetti with his framesets and me with my wheelsets. Join us. 

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