Monday, November 7, 2011

Crossing The Conformity Line -

Featured this week is cyclocross-specific wheelset headed for the Pacific Northwest. 
This wheelset was built around the super tough Chris King Classic Cross Hubset, in Pewter.

Adhered "Belgium Style" were a pair of Challenge Griffo with the aggressive double dot tread pattern.

Machined, aluminum brake tracks remain the material of choice by most journeymen (and women) cyclocross racers. 
This 32H front and rear wheelset came in at just over 1500g for the pair. Not bad... Most importantly, this wheelset will stand the test of time.

862g for the rear.
Note the oversize, aluminum hub-shell bodies.
698g for the front.
The Classic Cross hubset features an oversize 19.5mm axle running from dropout to dropout to increase steering rigidity when doing battle in the gnar.

Equal, oversize flanges of 51mm, 53cm for front and rear respectively.
A wheelset is more than the sum of its parts. Choose your wheelbuilder wisely!

Luxe Wheeloworks - Crossing the conformity line in style since 2006.

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