Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Of -

- The Best.
Now in stock I have a mix of TIME RX and NXR Instincts. Drive up to tax free NH and get yourself some instant gratification. I can swap the parts over from your current machine or build to suit, all within the span of coffee/happy hour.
Out the door last week to one lucky gentleman were a pair of HED C2 and ENVE 2.45. Both pair were build with Silver Alchemy ELF/ORC Hubs for Campagnolo.

This week (meaning so far today) brought a build of ENVE 45/64 Clincher with Pewter Chris King R45s...

... and a pair of HED C2 Clincher on a pair of Chris King R45 in Green.

Luxe loves that Green.

Don't forget I'm taking pre-orders on the R45 for Campagnolo. Get some before the line gets long and the wait almost unbearable.

This TIME RX Demo in Dura Ace rolled out the door last week but I do still have a Size S and L in stock.
For myself, a pair of the now available in Mega sizing, SIDI 6.6. Awww yeah!!! Maybe I'll do a road race or two next year...
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