Monday, December 26, 2011

DARKSTAR - Carbon Proto - Commuter

This build was a special request from a customer who wanted a super light commuter bike. He rides on a mix of dirt and pavement, over rolling terrain, and will surely see some snow/ice action in the not too distant future.

I took my experience from years of racing cyclocross and basically set him up with a race machine then added and took away to customize the machine to his needs.

This wheelset I built custom is a carbon clincer 38mm profile with a 3K matte weave. I fitted some CORIMA brake pads which are primarily composed of cork. Tires are Challenge Griffo 32s. Tubes are Vittoria Latex.

As far as carbon wheels go, it doesn't get much classier than silver hubs and spokes fitted with a gum sidewall tire.

The SL-K bits from FSA add a nice touch.

Big, fat, round carbon tubes.

I thought fully sealed cables from Gore would be appropriate.

The install is super easy and the system itself will yield thousands of miles of flawless function.

I use carbon paste on all carbon to carbon and/or carbon to metal interfaces.

The riveted on rear brake cable stop is a nice feature as it keeps the seatpost assembly clean.

Campagnolo Record 11V... Naturally.

Jay Nutini of Circle A Cycles does great work. This blue with a pearl top-coat is a hue I used on some of the Gaulzetti's I did back in the day. Craig dubbed it "Klein Blue" in reference to Yves Klein.

Total weight was under 16lbs and if you were to fit a 46T chainring and ditch the bottle cages, this would make a sweet cyclocross bike.

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