Friday, October 29, 2010

The Overhaul Trilogy by Justin. P-003.

"Art School Fuckheads". Always good for some motivation.
Shift. Brake. Tape. Tape. Check.

I leave this loose for now as it is my final adjustment (but not step) pre-delivery.

Like Mr. Bruylandts, I am not a doctor! But I can lay out my instruments like one.

I found these one day on a training ride to Lago Di Garda. Sarnico is just below Paratico, where the Team Saeco apartments lived if you were of American, Moldavian or Lithuanian descent.

Quite possibly my most favourite tool ever.

I add Tri-Flow to every single (fcuking) pivot point on the machine then wipe away residue.

Two crimps are all anyone needs.

Bar tape. I'm fairly certain I've done this before!



Stop looking at me Wallonian Rooster!


Snipped to length.

Crimped. Twice.

Chris, if you ride your white Corsa before the first Wells Ave. I will Swiss Frank fine you!
My favourite part in this all; delivery.

Justin Spinelli
Owner/Operator of Luxe Wheelworks 
PS: Have a nice weekend.

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