Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A23s do Chris King, Dura Ace and Record.

How do you make your steel lugged cyclocross as light as Stybar's Carbon Ridley? Make it a single speed!

The rear hub is a Chris King Single Speed.

The front hub is a Chris King Classic.  Both front and rear hubs are 32H.

I selected Wheelsmith DB14 Spokes for their lightness, strength and economy. The nipples are Wheelsmith Alloy 12mm which will keep the centripetal weight low.

The Chris King Single Speed rear hub comes standard with an 18T cog and Fun Bolts.  All made in my hometown of Portland, OR.

Weight for the pair came to 786g for the front and 980g for the rear.

Like I've said before, I am happy to do contract builds. This hubset was provided for my by my customer and I took care of the rest.
The nice thing about Dura Ace hubs is that they come with fantastic skewers. The rods are steel and do not stretch like titanium ones do. Also the strong internal cam can lock the rear wheel down solidly onto the most horizontal of horizontal dropouts.

This NOS 7800 hubset uses the same basic technology as that of the more current 7900 hubset.

One feature Shimano probably could have done without was their proprietary cassette/cassette body which came standard on their early issue 7800 hubsets.

Proprietary nonsense aside they are still very shiny and pretty.

I used Wheelsmith Alloy Nipples to keep the rotating weight low. Wheelsmith DB14 spokes were used throughout as well.

The Ritchey Rim Strips work nicely on both narrow and wide profile rims. They are, light, waterproof and are made from a very durable nylon material which *snaps* firmly into place.
Weight on this wheelset came to 757g for the front wheel and 930g for the rear wheel.

This wheelset is for an amateur racer to pound away on during training rides and races. Super strong, super stiff.

Campagnolo also provides a very nice set of skewers with their hubs. Steel shaft and internal cam technology is used.

The Record front hub features an alloy axle, an oversize hub shell, adjustable bearings, a grease port and alloy lock nuts.

The same basic features are used in the rear hub. The cassette body is alloy and the pawls are titanium.

I selected DT Swiss Brass Nipples and Wheelsmith DB14 Spokes for both front and rear.

The A23 is a pinned rim but I order all mine direct from Velocity USA with machined sidewalls which virtually eliminates that "tick-tick" every time the seam passes over the pads during braking.
The front wheel weighed in at 770g. The rear, 886g. 

Stay tuned as I will soon build some lighter A23 wheelsets. With these rims, I should be able to get into the 1400g range with relative ease. A super nice, race wheelset should be in the 1300g range with the right materials and construction.

PS: I will have Custom Wheel pricing listed soon on the www.luxewheelworks.com website. You can expect a nice variety of wheelsets, reasonably priced, carefully and skillfully built with extreme awesomeness. 

Thank You,
Justin Spinelli

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