Friday, December 3, 2010

Luxe Wheelworks. New Materials. More Options. Same Justin.

Ask and you shall receive. New materials and pricing (click image to enlarge). Wheelbuilding is my passion. Wheelbuilding is my specialty. No other component can change the way your bike feels for better or for worse... Chose your wheelbuilder wisely!
Dramatic studio shot. Note my Gaulzetti Cicli Carbonio is stripped and resting. You will see why soon.

Velocity A23 Clincher Rims. Wheelsmith Alloy Nipples. Sapim CX-Ray Spokes. DT Swiss 240 Hubs for Campagnolo.

DT Swiss make a radial-specific 240 front hub. Note the extra large flange which accommodates the higher stresses radial lacing patterns put on the hub.

DT Swiss include lock rings on their 240 Campagnolo rear hub.

I love how Sapim stamps their logo on the CX-Ray Spoke. Very nice touch. I laced the rear 24H wheel 2X.

The front wheel is 20H. Radial.

Removing this safety decal will void the wheel's awesomeness. You have been forewarned!

Removed however....

... are the red and white (and ugly) DT Swiss decals.

The Ritchey Rim Strips weigh approximately 20g each and are extremely strong and durable. Also, they are wide enough for the A23 rims.

Guess this wheelset's weight.

630g front, 775g rear, makes 1405g total (without rim strips). Not bad iMO. Light, stiff, strong, no headache causing proprietary parts, very reasonably priced. This customer chose to upgrade to CX-Ray spokes which is a worthwhile investment at $125 per wheelset.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so I took a day or five and built up a new trail bike. This should tide me over till my Spooky Darksides are assembled. Nice! 

PS: On the way is a Disc-Specific Wheelset list. Way of the future. 

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