Monday, December 13, 2010

"Inception" by Luxe Wheelworks.

A Documentation, inside a Documentation*, inside a Documentation**.

*Another fine example of Velocity A23s built with Alchemy ELF/ORC hubs.

For this particular rider (weighing in at 180lbs) I selected a 24/28 drill count. The wide rims paired with the optimized Alchemy hubs allows me to use less spokes than I would normally. Also featured are Wheelsmith Aluminum 12mm nipples and Sapim CX-Ray Spokes. I did however use DT Swiss Brass Nipples on the Rear DS for good measure.

Who built your wheels?

The 2X pattern retains the elegant looks in the front wheel despite its relatively low, 24H spoke count.

2X/2X 24H rear. Straight up awesomeness. Why mess with tried and true patterns?

Standard on clincher wheelsets from Luxe are Ritchey Nylon Rim Strips.

Total weight for this wheelset as photographed came to 1429g.

What would Coco do?

Included with each wheelset from Luxe is a specification card, any sort of technical literature that might have come with the hubset or rims, and an Arundel "Duo" or "Tubi" saddle bag depending on what rim type was ordered. "Duo" if clincher, "Tubi" if tubular.

All tech documents are fitted neatly inside the Arundel bag.

**Now for the most important part of all. Delivery.

I reinforce the areas where the hub axles meet the box with additional cardboard and a few strips of packing tape.

The wheel box takes on a cocoon-like state with crumpled Wall Street Journal or New York Times depending on my mood.

Rear wheel goes in.

Dowel is fitted through its axle.

The front wheel slides into the exposed portion of the dowel. This keeps the wheels from scraping into one another.

I go mental with the bubble wrap...

...thoroughly protecting the rims as these wheels were ordered sans tires.

More fluff.

The Arundel bag is wrapped inside a bag (inside a bag) and is then taped to the inside of the box.

Folded and strapped.

Axle protection again.

All seams are sealed. Nothing gets in, nothing comes out.

The ship label is fitted securely.

Out the door....

... and guarded by my fearless employee, Abby.
Justin Spinelli
(+1) 603 943-4202

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