Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Way of the Future iMO.

This wheelset weighs only 1013 grams sans tires and you can replace a spoke at the drop of a hat!

There is something about a 2X lacing pattern on a 20H front wheel that I am growing a fondness for. They look so classy when viewed on the bicycle as a whole.

Straight up 2X rear both DS and NDS. This wheelset is "weight weenie" but is strong enough for just about anyone.

Fitted with Tufo Extreme Tape are my favourite tubular tire in the universe; the Continental Competition 22's. Yes there are more supple tires, yes there exist lighter tires; but, these get the job done and will never let you down quality control wise.

I am getting better at aligning my decals. This one is off by about .02mm.

The file tread ensures performance and style.

Now for the other discipline: Mountain Biking!

These will grace a 29er built by master craftsman, pal, and all around rad dude, Carl Strong.

I went with a 20mm thru-axle ISO hub from Chris King but converted the axle back down to 15mm. As such the rider can always go up to 20mm in the future. The swap takes about 45.8 seconds.

Knurled ends and a super precision cassette body from Portland, OR, my hometown!

How am I doing? This decal looks pretty straight to me!

Included with the ENVE 29er Clincher rims comes a super nice, durable and elastic set of wide rim strips.

Optimized flanges, 1kilo wheelsets, 20mm thru axles, "ENVE" instead of "EDGE". There you have it. Way of the future and more to come in a few days.... 

Stay Tuned,
Justin Spinelli

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